I am a third-year PhD student advised by Professor Christopher Batten in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Cornell University. I am part of the Computer Systems Lab (CSL) at Cornell.

I am broady interested in computer architecture, parallel programming, and parallel systems. Currently I am focusing on novel co-design techniques across algorithm, runtime system, compiler and architecture layers in computer system stack to build high-performance energy-efficient systems for task-parallel applications.

Prior to joining Cornell, I received my Bachelors in Computer Science from University of Mississippi in 2016. I worked as a research co-op at AMD Research on modeling AMD’s next-generation GPU’s cache system in gem5 simulator in 2017.

Here is my CV (updated on May 18, 2022).


  • Tuan Ta, Xianwei Zhang, Anthony Gutierrez, and Bradford M. Beckmann. Autonomous Data-Race-Free GPU Testing. To be presented in IEEE International Symposium on Workload Characterization (IISWC 2019).

  • David Troendle, Tuan Ta, and Byunghyun Jang. A Specialized Concurrent Queue for Scheduling Irregular Workloads on GPUs. In the 48th International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP 2019). (Link)

  • Christopher Torng, Shunning Jiang, Khalid Al-Hawaj, Ivan Bukreyev, Berkin Ilbeyi, Tuan Ta, Lin Cheng, Julian Puscar, Ian Galton, and Christopher Batten. A New Era of Silicon Prototyping in Computer Architecture Research. RISC-V Day Workshop held in conjunction with MICRO-51, Oct. 2018. (Link)

  • Tuan Ta, Lin Cheng, and Christopher Batten. Simulating Multi-Core RISC-V Systems in gem5. In the 2nd Workshop on Computer Architecture Research with RISC-V (CARRV 2018). (Link)

  • Elliott Samuel, Raghu Raj Prasanna Kumar, Natasha Flyer, Tuan Ta, and Richard Loft. Implementation of a Scalable, Performance Portable Shallow Water Equation Solver Using Radial Basis Function-Generated Finite Difference Methods. In the International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications (IJHPCA 2018). (Link)

  • Tuan Ta, David Troendle, Xiaoqi Hu, Byunghyun Jang. Understanding the Impact of Fine-Grained Data Sharing and Thread Communication on Heterogeneous Workload Development. In the 16th IEEE International Symposium on Parallel & Distributed Computing (ISPDC 2017). (Link)

  • Tuan Ta, David Troendle, and Byunghyun Jang. Thread Communication and Synchronization on Massively Parallel GPUs. A book chapter in Advances in GPU Research and Practice edited by Hamid Sarbazi-Azad. (Link)

  • Tuan Ta, Kyoshin Choo, Eh Tan, Byunghyun Jang, Eunseo Choi. Accelerating DynEarthSol3D on Tightly Coupled CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Processors. In Computers & Geosciences Journal (2015). (Link)

Contributions to Open-Source Projects

  • List of patches contributed to gem5 repository

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